Skype for Business

Get skype client config by ctrl + right clicking on skype icon and selecting Configuration information

Check autodiscover settings:

  • Get-CsOAuthConfiguration

Manage all Skype services on skype server:

  • Start-CsWindowsService
  • Get-CsWindowsService
  • Stop-CsWindowsService

Get info on logging:

  • Get-csclsconfiguration
  • Show-csclslogging
  • logman (gets current logging traces)

Check the clustermanifest.xml file in programfiles\skypeforbusiness\server\core for details on retention time

Get details on state of fabric of skype pool:

  • Get-Cspool (to get the fqdn of pool to query)
  • Get0CsPoolFabricState -PoolFqdn "<fqdn of pool>"

Set meeting config - this can be useful if users are joining meetings when they are not set to private due to duplicate conference IDs - This can be changed by user in skype meeting options in outlook when scheduling a meeting

  • get-csmeetingconfiguration (to get settings)
  • set-csmeetingconfiguration (to set settings)
  • eg: set-csmeetingconfiguration -identity global -assignedconferencetypebydefault $false

Test database connection:

  • Test-CsDatabase -CentralManagementDatabase

Invoke failover to reboot skype server without affecting service:

  • Invoke-CsComputerFailover

use Get-CSWindowsService to check number of conferences on the system until they are 0

Resume function of server after failover:

  • Invoke-CsComputerFailback

Getting Info on Users and Lines

Get list of all users and the assigned numbers:

  • get-csuser | select DisplayName,LineUri | sort | out-file C:\temp\AllUsersLineURI.csv

Get list of all LineURI:

  • get-csuser | ? LineUri | select LineUri | sort | out-file C:\temp\AllLineURI.csv